Podcast: Young Women’s General Session review

26 Jun

Now that my semester is nearly over and I no longer feel like I’m drowning I have more time to blog.  First I’m going to review a couple of parts of General Conference.  This first post is in verbal format.  My 14-year-old daughter and I were invited to watch the YW’s meeting and then discuss it with a couple of other fabulous women.  You can listen here. It was a great chat and really fun to do it with my daughter.  She’s a pretty incredible kid.  Super smart and observant.

Some important notes:  The Young Women’s Meeting is just that- a meeting. It’s not an actual session of conference.  Neither is the General Relief Society Meeting.  I wonder why the need to separate out the girls from the women. Why not combine the two into a “Women’s Session” of conference?  If 12-year-old deacons can listen to the same meeting as their father’s every six months then 12-year-old girls and their mothers can combine meetings too right?

Another note- I will be reviewing Sister Dalton’s talk from the regular session also- because I feel like it ties into the entire tone of this session so much.



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