Knowledge vs. Orthodoxy Sunstone Presentation

05 Aug

Welcome! If you’re here looking for more information on the Knowledge vs. Orthodoxy study and presentation from Sunstone it will be up in the next day or two.  Thanks for dropping by.

To listen: Knowledge vs. Orthodoxy Sunstone Presentation

Some links you may have heard me reference during the presentation:

John Dehlin’s study: Why Mormons Question (Study done with 3,000 people who left the LDS church and their reasons). Video Link

Haans Mattson and Swedish Rescue story:
New York Times Article
Mormon Stories interview
Transcript of meeting with doubters in Sweden

Another helpful link about questions that doubting members have.


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2 responses to “Knowledge vs. Orthodoxy Sunstone Presentation

  1. Alison

    August 29, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Have you posted this somewhere? I’d love to read it 🙂

  2. HelpMeUnderstand

    December 31, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Another beautiful post! Thank you!

    Living in Northern Utah it is so hard not to be LDS, well, it’s hard to be a former LDS member I should say. I get to a point where I feel at peace, and then I have a family member or friend come in and make it their mission to try to guilt trip me into believing again. I realize on a rational level what they are doing, and it’s not the words they say that hurts, it’s the fact that they have such little respect for my beliefs, or lack there of, that they think it’s okay to basically tell me how stupid, misguided, or “hard-hearted” I am.

    They are not even willing to have a discussion (as you’ve said in other posts) they just want to speak from a place of authority without ever considering that they may not be ‘right’; let alone being courteous enough to try to understand where I’m coming from. I think they are scared to go too far down the path of reason out of fear that they might experience cognitive dissonance as a result of what they they might find, or not find.

    It’s easier to believe something than it is to understand it I guess.

    It’s hard because at the beginning of this journey, that I somehow found myself on, I honestly thought that love and friendship would at least cancel out the idea of ‘right-belief’, or that love was truly unconditional. Now I’m not so sure. I wish I could get angry with those who have turned their back on me and my family, it would be an easy way to protect ourselves. However, I realize the people who shun–or worse–lash out, do so out of ignorance, and a lack of understanding.

    They say, “When all is understood, all is forgiven”. However I think a more accurate statement would be: When all is understood, we realize that there is was never anything that needed forgiving in the first place.

    I have found that the people that shun or discriminate against those who are different, or believe differently than themselves, do so out of a lack of empathy. Empathy is not putting yourself in the person’s shoes, it’s about being them in their shoes. When I look at those who shun me, or are less than cordial with me, and I do so in an empathetic way, I see why they do what they do. It’s out of a lack of understanding, and we tend to fear what we do not understand. How can I get angry with them for being fearful? I just wish they would seek for even a sliver of understanding rather than simply condemning or judging (whether or not they do so explicitly, or even consciously).

    That being said, I realize that the only person you can change is yourself, and that if people could be different, they would; and comparing someone to a hypothetical idea of what they could, or should, be will just cause more strife.

    One other thing I can’t understand is how LDS believers can call me hard-hearted or arrogant. My official position is ‘Don’t Know’. What is more humble than admitting I know nothing?

    Thank you again for your blog!


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