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Missionary work- you’re doing it wrong

A few weeks ago there was a large, “historic” missionary meeting held.  It was broadcast and members were encouraged to attend.

Where necessary, local leaders should adjust scheduled worship services so that members are able to participate in the live broadcast of this historic event.

The meeting largely centered on the “new” ways of conducting missionary work.  Tracting is largely unproductive so now missionaries will be using social media (largely Facebook) to contact people who are recommended to them through local members, chatrooms via and will use Facebook to build relationships with people before trying to go to their house and talk to them in their living rooms about religion.  Also they’ll be doing this with brand new Ipads! Also your local missionaries will be giving tours of the local meeting house to interested parties since now they’ll be hanging out there to access the meetinghouse wifi (hint: password usually Pioneer47).

Yay missionaries!

missionaries rock on

Except now it looks more like this:

So…  why were so many members invited to attend this meeting of “historic” proportions?  Well it was also a pep rally to the fabulousness (yes I just made that word up) of the church and a guiltfest (made that one up too) for members to do their part.  The missionaries have better luck teaching people (and let’s keep our eye on the prize- baptizing people they teach) when they are able to utilize the members to find people to teach.  So members need to be excited about missionary work and participate in it.  But they should be nice even if people aren’t interested in their message… right?  Right. Because that’s the the right thing to do.

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Jeffery Holland: Lord I Believe

Remember- this is what I hear when I listen to conference.  It’s not roses and sunshine.  It’s not happy and uplifting.  It’s not at all what you were going for when you were “inspired” to send it to me.  If you want to know why I’m reviewing conference, or what conference is- go here.

Holland is a current crowd favorite.  His talk from this last conference, Lord I Believe, was posted and re-posted and praised over and over- when you count all the pins from Pinterest and status updates from Facebook I think it was the most popular talk from this conference.

(These excerpts from a BBC interview are my favorite Holland moments- they were not shown in conference though… yet.)

I think the reason why it was a crowd favorite is that Holland attempts to acknowledge that people are struggling to believe in the church.  Which is good.  People are losing faith- at an ever growing rate. Leaving in droves you might even say… or as Marlin Jensen said, “we are in a greater state of apostasy then since Kirtland.”

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A defining moment: Boyd Packer’s October 2010 Conference Talk and the ‘so called gays’

I keep mulling about how to most effectively tell this story of mine.  There were several dozen defining moments, moments that I didn’t recognize as pivotal until I looked back. There are important stories about growing up in a very orthodox Mormon family that also contributed to the way I viewed the church. Then there are the historical documents and biographies and the other books and podcasts as I dug deeper and deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

Keeping in mind that there was a lot of other things leading up to this point- a major defining moment came in October of 2010 while listening to LDS General Conference.  This was largely defining because it was the first sign to myself that I was struggling with the church and felt like I was at odds with the church. Up until this point anything I’d struggled with or had a hard time with was MY problem because as people like to say, “the Church is perfect, but the people aren’t.”

The memory is seared in my brain. I was sitting in my basement listening to conference while sewing my daughter’s baptism dress.  She was going to be baptized the following weekend and I was making her a special white dress for the occasion.  I was sewing while Packer was speaking and I stopped when it became clear that he was talking about homosexuality and turned in my chair to listen.

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